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Design CoolMOS™ in a fast DC EV Charger Module

Design CoolMOS™ in a fast DC EV Charger Module

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Lately we see how fast expands the market of electric vehicles. Due to enormous CO2 emissions, government together with enterprises are driven to produce electric vehicles which help our environment, reducing CO2 emissions. The target is to have 0% emissions in most of the major cities by 2050.

The major difficulty towards the practical cost of the effective realization of electric vehicles was the battery cost, which recently started decreasing. Battery manufacturers are optimizing their technology cost structure to enable the adoption of this technology. China will lead this transition, with sales of almost 50% of the global EV market in 2025.

Nevertheless, this will have to be supported by equally efficient infrastructures and fast charging solutions. Let us introduce you to Infineon's CoolMOS fast DC electric vehicle charger! 

Design CoolMOS™  in a fast DC EV Charger Module.png