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CoolMOS™ hard commutation stress: Part 2

CoolMOS™ hard commutation stress: Part 2

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CoolMOS™ super junction MOSFET technology is legendary in the industry, differentiated by high quality and reliability.

When it comes to designing a device with this technology, it is crucial to take into account the hard-commutation ruggedness of the body diode, since it has a great impact on the system reliability, especially in some popular power converter topologies.

In this training, divided into three modules, we will explore in detail the hard commutation condition in CoolMOS™ devices.

- In Module 1, we introduce this condition from a physics point of view, as well as compare the behavior of CoolMOS™ with a standard planar MOSFET.

- In this Module 2 , we will focus on hard-commutation stress in soft-switching topologies.

- In Module 3, we will focus on hard-switching topologies. In both of these modules, we will also dive into the typical techniques used to reduce or prevent it in these topologies.

Curious to know more about hard commutation stress in soft-switching topologies? Watch this training!

CoolMOS™ hard commutation stress (Module 2).png