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CAV application overview – Module 3

CAV application overview – Module 3

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Three million of medium and heavy trucks and four hundred thousand busses are produced every year! This is definitely a huge market!

Do you know what are Infineon’s goals in terms of Commercial, Construction and Agriculture Vehicles, that is CAV?

This training, which is organized into 3 modules, provides an application overview of Commercial, Construction and Agricultural vehicles!

This is 3d Module - Final, in which we focus on a particular application: eBuses! Key Takeaways of the 12 minute training:

- Understand how each component inside CAV applications connect with each other, and the best products for each of those components;

- Get to know the success story behind eBuses and Infineon’s high level contributions in this application, through innovations on the drivetrain;

- Understand the constant evolution of Infineon's portfolio in EconoDUAL™, PrimePACK™ and HybridPACK™ products, essential to any CAV application!

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