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Basic introduction to power supplies: Part 3 (Chinese)

Basic introduction to power supplies: Part 3 (Chinese)

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This is the Chinese version of part 3 of the series “Introduction to power supplies".

Part 1: English version & Chinese version

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Part 3: English version & Chinese v​ersion

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This online course, divided into four parts, is intended to support employees with little or no background in electrical engineering.

As we've seen in Part 1, electrical transportation over long distances takes place at high voltages in order to decrease the current and thus power losses. In the cities' electrical network, however, the voltage gets decreased again. So, the sockets in the houses provide a certain amount of voltage - depending on where you live. But this voltage level is still way too high for most of our end-devices' needs. Not to mention, that many end-devices operate with DC, so AC needs to be converted to DC. Thinking of a laptop charger, this is when that little box thing of your charger cable comes into play.

Do you want to find out what happens inside? Well, then this online course is the right choice! You will find out how power is supplied from the power socket to an end application. 

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