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BGT60LTR11AIP: Infineon’s first completely autonomous radar sensor

BGT60LTR11AIP: Infineon’s first completely autonomous radar sensor

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Radar is changing the world of sensing. Its unique features enable completely new applications in I-o-T, autonomous driving, industry 4.0, smart buildings and more.

And though radar technology has been used for decades in military applications, weather monitoring and traffic control, it is still a technology that requires a considerably high level of know-how in radio frequency engineering, antenna design, signal processing and more, which makes the entry barriers for radar newcomers very high.

Consequently, Infineon has developed a product that overcomes all of these hurdles and makes radar accessible for everyone and for many applications – new BGT60LTR11AIP.

In this e-Learning, we will introduce you to the innovative radar sensor and its features, show you its target applications as well as how to use it. By bringing everything together, with the BGT60LTR11AIP we have developed the most user-friendly radar sensor in the market. Welcome to Infineon's first plug-and-play radar solution!

BGT60LTR11AIP Infineon’s first completely autonomous radar sensor .png