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BCR43xU family with low voltage drop

BCR43xU family with low voltage drop

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Infineon has been developing a range of products and solutions to meet the demands of the LED lighting market.

Are you looking for a solution that drives the current in LED strings supplied by a DC voltage source and that, at the same time, provides more flexibility in voltage headroom and, thus, more flexibility in your design?

Linear LED driver ICs with low voltage drop are the best choice in this case! The well-established BCR family is the smallest and cost-efficient product family of the linear LED driver ICs for general lighting applications.

Today, we will focus on our latest newcomers within this family. Watch this training to:

- Fully understand the advantages of low voltage drop devices;

- Get to know how to design with linear L-E-D driver I-Cs, featuring low voltage drop.

BCR43xU family with low voltage drop.png