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64Mb-to-512Mb HyperRAM™ 2.0 & 3.0: Infineon’s high performance expansion memories

64Mb-to-512Mb HyperRAM™ 2.0 & 3.0: Infineon’s high performance expansion memories

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The use of HyperRAM™ – an expansion memory based on the HyperBus technology – can efficiently use I/O pins to decrease power, cost, and PCB footprint when compared to solutions using legacy expansion memory alternatives (such as SDR DRAM & ADMUX PSRAM) without sacrificing performance. HyperRAM™ fills a memory bandwidth niche between very high-speed parallel interfaces and slower serial interfaces, thereby enabling faster systems with quicker response times and richer user experiences.

These products are targeted at a wide range of high-performance applications, including automotive instrument clusters, infotainment and navigation systems and factory automation systems.​

Watch the following training to:

- Get to know the Expansion Memory (EM), namely: the need for EM; the key attributes designers look for in EM; challenges with existing EM options;

- Understand the HyperBus, namely: how its´ memory interface helps to solve those challenges; key features of HyperRAM™ and Octal xSPI RAM products and the applications they target;

- Identify Infineons´ecosystem partners and recognize Infineons´ HyperRAM™ family portfolio and roadmap.

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