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During the testing of Secure Debug feature we are trying to unlock the debug port using crypto engine 

and then we are trying to flash CodeFlash/WorkFlash area using the debugger ,

The flash attempts is getting failed every time

What steps we have to execute to enable flashing the code using debugger after configuring secure debugging 

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Hi @jthimmar 

Could you please answer the below questions to debug further :
1) Device life cycle stage of the device.
2) What did you do to implement 'Secure Debugging'? Please mention the access restriction configuration for each of the access ports.
3) You have mentioned that "we are trying to unlock the debug port using crypto engine ". We don't have a specific recommendation on implementation of authentication logic while unlocking debug access ports. So, your unlocking procedure is something which we cannot comment on/check. However, please let us know if you could successfully unlock the DAP with your logic. You should be able to connect debugger successfully if you could unlock the DAP.
4) If the failure you see is only while programming flash region after you unlock DAP, then could you please let us know if you get any error codes for system call failure?
5) Please provide any necessary logs or screenshots which may be helpful for us to debug.