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Now I'm considering to use ECO in our Traveo II CYT2B9 board.

I understood that P21.2 and P21.3 are related ECO and these pins have the feature of multi-function as the following. 


My question is that if i want to use fixed ECO in these pins, do i should configure P21.2 as input and P21.3 as output to implement ECO. When i see the SDL sample code in which ECO is used, it look like that ECO pin configuration is not necessary to do it. 

Could you tell me why it is not necessary to configure them even though these pins like P21.2 and P21.3 have multifunction feature?

Only configuration is to make ECO enable bit  bit-masking “1” in ECO Configuration Register ?

Where these pins configuration for ECO is implemented in source code?  


Best regards,

Kevin Han.

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Hello Kevin,

GPIO pins that support an oscillator function (WCO or ECO) must be configured for high-impedance if the oscillator is enabled. By default, the pins are in  high-impedance state. So, you need not configure it again.

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