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Now I’m checking out the logic of ECO(16MHz) stabilization time in both SDL and MCAL.

Please review the following questions if anyone has the any idea or tips.  



In case of SDL, After configuration of clock trims then ECO enable is active, it wait for unlimited loop as the following.

SRSS->unCLK_ECO_CONFIG.stcField.u1ECO_EN = 1ul;

    while(SRSS->unCLK_ECO_STATUS.stcField.u1ECO_OK == 0ul);

    while(SRSS->unCLK_ECO_STATUS.stcField.u1ECO_READY == 0ul);


In MCAL, I can find the “ECO Amp statilization timeout” configuration, normally you IFX recommend that it is set bigger than 1,000,000.

I understood that 1,000,000 means “count value” which decresases 1step in each do while loop of source code until ECO is stabilized actually like (regSrssAddrPtr->CLK_ECO_STATUS == MCU_REG_MASK_SRSS_CLK_ECO_STATUS_ECO_OK).


I’am wondering that is possible to convert “1,000,000” count value to real time and If possible, could you tell me how to convert it in time domain ?  



If ECO operation is unstabilized like a high level of tolerance and it affects unusually MCU operation, is there any way to trap the unstable-abnormal ECO condition inside of MCU ?   


Thanks and best regards,

Kevin Han.

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