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Switches (Magnetic sensors) Forum Discussions

Switches (Magnetic sensors)
One of our customers asked a question to prepare in advance for responding to the semiconductor delamination problem. I'm curious about the method for... Show More
Switches (Magnetic sensors)
Could you let me know about the “spinning hall probe” in the Figure 3 of the TLE4961-1M datasheet. Does this mean this IC is using spinning hall effec... Show More
Switches (Magnetic sensors)
One of our customer is considering to use TLE4997 to develop a pressure sensor. They need to prepare a programming station for mass production. They m... Show More
Switches (Magnetic sensors)
Dear respected Technical Team & Colleagues. I am interested in creating an array of TLE4997A8 to detect the position of a moving magnet (distance away... Show More
Switches (Magnetic sensors)
We bought several batches of TLE4964-2M including one or two (Product ID: SP000923330and SP001222084) and found that the colour of the cut side of the... Show More
Switches (Magnetic sensors)
Dear All.   I'm using TLE4999c8 with development kit. (Eval kit vers: When I flash EEPROM, no issue. When I tried to enable the 3.3V par... Show More
Switches (Magnetic sensors)
TMAG5111 Dual Hall switch from Texas Instrument seems to offer better resolution than TLE4966G, because its speed output is the substraction of quadra... Show More
Switches (Magnetic sensors)
Hi, we got a problem with an PGSIS-2 Box, it has telegramm response errors. The in the original built-in box is a version 3.3.1. But we have only a v... Show More
Switches (Magnetic sensors)
Thank you for your kind reply. If our company pays for Hall Sensor(TLE49641KXTSA1), are you willing to obtain UL specifications for the product? - UL ... Show More
Switches (Magnetic sensors)
TLE4959 Rload
solved msg Solved
Dear all, i'm using the TLE4959 with a pullup of 2,7kohm of Rload with 12V of supply voltage. Is there a limit condition of growth of Rload for the co... Show More
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Switches (Magnetic sensors)

In this forum you can post your questions, comments and feedback about the XENSIV™ Magnetic Switch sensors, a sensor family which is using e.g. a hall-based technology in order to detect the strength of a magnetic field in one dimension. Our switches can be found in a variety of consumer, industry and automotive applications like conventional block commutation in brushless drives (BLDC). Here you can also find the links to the latest board pages, GitHub, documents, simulation tools and FAQs.