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Switches (Magnetic sensors) Forum Discussions

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First question asked Welcome!

Dear respected Technical Team & Colleagues.

I am interested in creating an array of TLE4997A8 to detect the position of a moving magnet (distance away of around 50 cm). 

I am wondering whether this would be possible when using a strong magnet.

If not, we are open to recommendations. 

I am also interested in converting the analog output signal to digital. Can you recommend a way to do that for industrial applications? perhaps a product of yours that will be suited for this.

Regarding the sensitivity of the sensor, the documentation says it can be configured for -50 mT and 50 mT.

I am wondering whether it can detect a magnetic field as low as  0.04mT.

Is there a recommended way to assemble a group of these sensors into one array with an Analog-to-Digital converter to feed the output's data to a laptop? (any recommended components to add to the basket for that?)

Thank you in advance for your valuable feedback.







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Hi @Abdulkarim ,


TLE4997 gives the result as an analog value.

So you can use our TLE4998CXX or TLE4999CXX with SPC interface. Of the three modes of operation, bus mode is suitable for connecting multiple sensors (up to four sensors) to one data line.

The duration of the trigger pulse is used to identify the sensor, from which to acquire data. For example, see the table attached below (TLE4998C4), which shows each time duration corresponds to one sensor ID.



It can also be set up to +/- 200 mT to provide a digital value as an output.

The above products can be found in the products section of the link below.


Hope you got the answer to your question.



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