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Studio Bluetooth
Keep getting those errors when connecting bonded Cysmart to CYW20719:Status : Connection Terminated Due to MIC Failure (0x3d)Encryption Status Event: ... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hi, As title. How to build ClientControl source code in WICED Studio SDK?? If anyway to modify and build custom ClientControl tool  based on code in W... Show More
Studio Bluetooth

Where can we get Old Versions of the WICED IDE SDK?

Studio Bluetooth
I want to receive the advertising signal of the surrounding iBeacon terminals, but when I execute wiced_bt_ble_observe(WICED_FALSE, 0, obv_callback), ... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
I have faced MIC(Message Integrity Check) error for LE connection. I can see same issue on following link, could you help how to resolve? For more inf... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hello, I have questions about operation of HID Device. I tried to test with two of laptops, it is different to operate on HID connection each laptops.... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
@Hello.I review CYW20706 and  found that I cannot use i2c and PUART flow control. because puart flow control shares i2c.Or can you tell me how I can c... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
I am using a RS232 FTDI adapter to download a hello_sensor_app through the HCI interface. The communication goes fine and the minidriver is launched O... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
I want to wire a CYBT-353027-EVAL to the CODEC MAX 98090 via I2S running the Headset Demo Application.Try #1: CYBT-353027 is I2S MasterI programmed th... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hi,我想把hci_audio_gateway demo里的hci_ag_cfg_settings里的ble_scan_cfg.high_duty_scan_duration=0设置成永远都在high scan,但是测试下来以后,好像scan了一轮后就不scan了。如下是我的的配置。请帮我确认一下 Show More
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