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Studio Bluetooth
Hi, We were using BlueZ to try to connect to LE Device but we kept getting the error "Connection Failed to be Established"We have attached the logs to... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
How can find list of the standard commonly used C functions that are implemented in CYW20719 in the ROM or through the API as I cant find them anywher... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Today the A2DP source example supports I2S, UART or the sine-wave test tone.1. Let's assume you want to feed it with custom audio buffers (generated b... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hi,I am looking at CYBT-343026-1. It supports BT Classic and LE 5.0.Does the LE 5.0 have profiles that are similar to SPP in BT Classic? Or does Cypre... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hello Cypress WICED Studio Support team,I found unexpected behavior of WICED Studio the following environment, SPP data transfer isn't comp... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hi All,Its continuity of the post Client example code is here Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hello,I am working on a project using Ble beacons. I am interested in working with Ble 5.0 to create a mesh network with BLE BEACONS (ex: IBeacon, Alt... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hello,I am using CYBT-333047_EVAL board with EZ-serial firmware software. During the Serial communcation process, sometimes the bluetooth connection w... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hello,I am using  CYW920719Q40EVB-01 board to test different code. First, i wanted to try SPP code to download and see the communication using any SPP... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
   hi   Cypress:           We only want to run controller firmware on cybt-343026, but not the protocol stack on bluetooth chip.May I ask if this cont... Show More
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