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Studio Bluetooth
Hi, Our customer plan to list on BT SIG with CYW43438 as a component subsystem.After confirming with Japanese certification lab, referring to the foll... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
HiThe following question is from customers.By attached image, Class2 GFSK Tx Power in "General"the TYP value is 2dBm, could you tell us the min and ma... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hii,I am struck with sending the HCI commands to the CYW920719 board . CYW920719 is attached to linux machine it is coming like ttyWICED_HCI_UART10 . ... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Dear Sir or Madam,is there a way to program the CYBT-343026-01 to work as an A2DP sink device (audio output via I2S) and mute the Bluetooth source at ... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
I am getting started with CYW20719 and the "stb" set-top-box demo appears perfect for my application.The demo readme file says to see demo\stb\hci_con... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
I am trying to design the power supply for the CYBT-4130xx-02 module.  What is the worse case peak current if the radio is on and processor at full th... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
We have used CYW20704 BT module in our product and are using the wake on Bluetooth functionality of CYW20704. The waking up of the host (our product) ... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Dear All,,,I am going to develop our application with Cypress's Dual Mode BT Chipset CYW20706.Our application runs as a peripheral (Server / Slave), a... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hi Team,I'm trying to develop a application which should display the name of the caller when there is a incoming call from the connected mobile device... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hello Cypress,I am designing a device for my client who wants the device name of each device to be 'unique enough' so that if there are a few of the s... Show More
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