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Studio Bluetooth
Hello,I want to build SPP or BLE to Serial environment between WICED Modules (CYBT-353027-02).Unfortunately, EZ-Serial F/W does not support BR/EDR Mas... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hi Forum,It's a long shot, but we are interested in getting the BLE advertising channel number when we receive a adv packet.Can we use the 'flag' fiel... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hello!I have some troubles with UART. I'm trying to send message using wiced transport, but I don't recive expected message from another side.I used d... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
If I open the evaluation board schematics present in " Show More
Studio Bluetooth
I tried to download the latest Wiced Firmware V1.1.14 received from here Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hi,I want to know how many packets were successfully transmitted by the BLE module.I use the following methods, but sent ADV. packet.Its cannot enter ... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hi team:I want to read 8-bit data from a peripheral device through data bus D0...D7,can I configure CYW20719 pins to be a 8-bit data bus?ThanksJian Show More
Studio Bluetooth
We are currently using the CYBT-423028-02 Bluetooth radio module, based on the CYW20719 radio, in HCI mode hosted by Android on an i.MX 6 microprocess... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hello,I'm trying to program CYW920719Q40EVB-01 serial flash using the UART interface from my custom software. I'm using "WICED-HCI-Control-Protocol.p... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
EN 300 328
solved msg Solved
Hi all,I checked about  "ETSI replaced the following harmonised standards :EN 300 328 V2.2.2" Customer h... Show More
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