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Studio Bluetooth

请问CYW20706 单芯片实现HFP(HF client)能否支持多个手机(AG)同时连接,另外同时支持BT+BLE,内存资源够不够?


Studio Bluetooth
Hello,The FCC test is conducted using CYBT-333047-02 and an antenna different from the reference antenna (B4844-01 etc.) described in the data sheet.T... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hi all,Customer is in process of getting certification at Malaysia.Could you let us know below question ;1. Does CYBT-343026-01 need to get certificat... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
大佬们好!我在使用CYW20706(Wiced-Studio-6.4)调试AVRCP,当前没有接入A2DP模块,在HFP连接成功后延时1000ms后连接AVRCP,连接成后有当前播放状态和曲目信息返回。但调用wiced_bt_avrc_ct_send_pass_through_cmd接口进行播放、上... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hi all.In my project, I have to read incoming data from the PUART buffer as fast as possible.As far as I understand, reading data byte by byte using w... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hello, I am new to BLE development, would like know how to create new own application on WICED Studio. Also is there any documentation about BLE firmw... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
HiCould you list the encryption key name and key length for CYW20819?AES 128bit is described on the data sheet.Is BT E0 128bit also available?Please t... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hello.Module: CYBT-413034-02Wiced Studio: 6.4 with MFiiPad: iPad mini 4, iOS 13.6.1Sample source: \20719-B1_Bluetooth\apps\demo\apple_mfi\hci_iap2_spp... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
hi sir/madam,when i connected cybt-343026-01 evalution kit usb to windows 7 ports are not recognised. see the attachment.thanks,harikrishna g Show More
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