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Studio Bluetooth
hi I am attempting to set the I2S interface in SLAVE mode for the Call Audio configuration. So I have one doubt regarding this :In slave mode do we ne... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hi - I am attempting to use the HCI UART method to change the BT device address per the Cypress Developer Community link below, and it appears that we... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
I am running the client control app on a MAC and the program shuts down every time I start a device discovery. Anyone having the same issue or suggest... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hi,I'm trying to configure one of the ACLK pins to provide a clock to an external device. I've tried adding the following lines but it does not appear... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hello,I have the CYW20719Q40EVB-01 board and am trying to conduct througput tests over BLE and BR/EDR between the board an a Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact (... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
I have an application that requires one Bluetooth device to connect to 2 other devices simultaneously.-- one for remote control data (small packets) c... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hi,wow I'm here again!Simple code that I've had working on ESP32 & DA14585...Basically this is the code:uint32_t commands_val;commands_val = 0x1122334... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
I am having a problem with my bluetooth module.  I am trying to use client control to launch a .hcd file from ram.  While I can get it to download, th... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Are there any documents about BT 6.0?Thanks! Show More
Studio Bluetooth
現在、CYW20719のサンプルコードをベースにJ-LinkにてDebugをしておりますがStep実行で、Local変数が確認できない(optimized out)やソースコード上の移動が上から下でない場合等があります。現在、Build設定がReleaseになっており、Optimized設定が高いた... Show More