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I know that there is an a2dp source built into the demo/watch app and I am trying to make it work but something is wrong. I am using the CYBT-413034-EVAL board on Windows.

1. The Client Control app can connect to the COM port, but I am unsure how to communicate with the board(ClientControl.png). I have read that the 20719 boards do not support the DIRECT_LOAD option but does that mean that I cannot use ClientControl at all?

2. After not being able to use the Client Control app, I configured it so that I can connect directly to the module. I can connect, and on an android, it gives me the media control option, meaning it is coming across as a type of media(media audio.jpg). However, the device immediately disconnects after pairing and does not reconnect. I have it printing out to a serial terminal and it does not show any disconnect happening, but my phone is no longer connected: I have attached the output (a2dp_source_pairing.txt). Is there a reason why it would immediately disconnect?

3. If I was to put this onto a custom PCB, how would the programming work? Would it need to be through UART? or is there a programmer?

I have attached my project to help with this. I have commented out the majority of the BLE items because as an a2dp source, we do not need BLE.

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As this issue is being followed in Cypress technical case system, closing this thread.

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Hi leah.briseno_4199316​,

I am assuming you are using latest WICED SDK version (6.1 or later).

1. Can you let me know the source where you read this? You just need to build the app & generate hcd file to upload in ClientControl.

In ClientControl, open the HCI COM port, select the correct baud rate, upload the HCD file and click on Download. Recover the board before you program it.

2. The device should not disconnect unless you have used the disconnection API after connection. I will have a look at your a2dp_source code & try to check if there is some conflict in connection process.

3. To program the device, you just have to send the HCI commands to the BT controller. You can refer /20719-B1_Bluetooth/doc/WICED-HCI-Control-Protocol.pdf and Programming using ChipLoad.exe.

I am using the latest version of WICED (6.2.1)

1. I found this in the README under the Client Control (...\WICED-Studio-6.2\20719-B1_Bluetooth\apps\host\client control\README.txt) I have attached it. Line 126

2. I have not used the disconnect API as far as I know.

3. Thank you!


Hi leah.briseno_4199316,

I could not find particular reason for disconnection in code.

However, can you try checking if wiced_bt_cfg.c parameters are properly specified?


I have looked through the wiced_app_cfg.c file and it all seems to be set correctly. When I pair with the device, it seems to connect similar to a ble only device, but not as a media device, even though it has the headphone symbol.


As this issue is being followed in Cypress technical case system, closing this thread.