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LEDVANCE Breaks New Ground with Industry First Technological Achievement

“The SYLVANIA SMART+ Bluetooth lighting products from LEDVANCE with Cypress’ qualified interoperable Bluetooth mesh technology mark a significant step forward for smarter home lighting that connects easily via smartphone applications and conveniently to the rest of a home’s Bluetooth connected devices,” said Brian Bedrosian, vice president of the IoT Business Unit at Cypress. “Their convenience, energy efficiency and whole-home connectivity are a winning combination people are seeking for their smart homes.”

Learn More: SYLVANIA SMART+ Lighting Portfolio Adds World’s First Bluetooth Mesh Qualified LED Lighting Products...

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That's awesome!.

Mesh is easy to add and delete node. Easy to control the whole nodes or single node. As the relay function, mesh has extended distance. Mesh will be popular in lighting and smart home devices.

Mesh security is mandatory. Mesh keep key refresh and prevent the trashcan attacks. A privacy key, derived from the NetKey is used to

obfuscate network PDU header values, such as the source address. Obfuscation ensures that casual, passive eavesdropping cannot be used to track devices and the people that use them.Against replay attacks by increment the SEQ value every time they publish a message.

Cypress's CYW20706/20735/20719 support the SIG mesh which is released in WICED studio(6.1 or newer should have mesh project). Currently, CYW20706/CYW20719 are the broad market devices. If you are interested in CYW20735, please contact the cypress local sales or distributor.  There are lots of mesh project(mesh_onoff_server is the simple and popular project) in WICED Studio and also the provision app in Android and tools in PC is offered.