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I followed all the instructions from Unable to open wmbt/mbt.exe  and it still doesn't work.  What is the problem?  I get this:


DOWNLOAD_BAUDRATE: 115200 (default)

APPLICATION_BAUDRATE: 115200 (default)

Sending HCI Command:

0000 < 03 0C 00 >

Received HCI Event:

0000 < 0A >

Failed execute_reset

If I put into recovery mode, reset works once and everything fails after that.

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I can send mbt command with remove the "wiced_set_debug_uart( WICED_ROUTE_DEBUG_TO_PUART );" successfully. After download the application with HCI baudrate 115200, please plug out the kit from your computer and plug in again. Then I can send the mbt command.

For the download command, I also have the same problem as you. I recommend you to use the command line method to program the device if you don't want to use the SDK.

Please refer to part 2 of the following KBA "Programming using the command line" about how to program with command line. It is for the module product and also useful for chip.

Programming an EZ-BT WICED Module – KBA223428

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