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I am developing customized HandsFree with CYW20706.

Develop based on WICED's demo / handsfree source.

However, this demo source has a problem with the auto re-connection with iPhone.

When downloading the F/W to Cypress and connecting HandsFree to the iPhone for the first time,

it takes about 4 seconds for iPhone to recognize 'Not connected' when Cypress is powered off.

After Cypress is powered on and automatically connected to iPhone,

it takes about 20 seconds for iPhone to recognize 'Not connected' when Cypress is powered off.

If the iPhone doesn't recognize 'not connected' for 20 seconds,

it won't connect even if you try to connect it after powering on Cypress.

After 20 seconds, even if iPhone recognizes it as 'not connected', it will not auto re-connect.

I tested iPhone 7 and X.

Please let me know if there's a good way to quickly disconnect and reconnect to iPhone.

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Hi YoJe_3684926​,

I tested bt.hci_handsfree available in WICED SDK using WICED Studio 6.4 on CYW920706WCDEVAL board using iPhone X. I did not face any issue with connection-disconnection. It took at most 3-4seconds for connection. However, with WICED 6.2.1 I faced some issue while testing; will check on that more.

Please clarify your query and testing procedure. Also, I can try testing your project at my end if you could provide it.

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Thank you for your attention.

I tested in the following environment.

* Source: HandsFree demo project of WICED 6.2.1

* Test Board: Evaluation Kit (CYW920706WCDEVAL)

* Testing procedure

1.Hands Free Demo F / W Download to Evaluation Kit

2.Connect the iPhoneX

3. Power off the Evaluation Kit

   -> It takes about 4 seconds to recognize disconnected on iPhone

4.Power on the Evaluation Kit-> Connect to iPhone automatically

5. Power off the Evaluation Kit

  Issue 1 => It takes about 20 seconds to recognize disconnected on iPhone (Issue: 20 seconds is vary long time)

(And the same phenomenon continues in operations 4 and 5.)

Issue 2.

6. If you turn off the Evaluation Kit and turn it on 20 seconds before (before recognizing disconnected state on iPhone),

    the HandsFree will not automatically connect to the iPhone.