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Hi - I am attempting to use the HCI UART method to change the BT device address per the Cypress Developer Community link below, and it appears that we have to add some code to our project in order to enable the HCI interface.  Although there are some HCI samples, they seem pretty specific (audio, HID, etc.) and all we need to do is add code that allows us to use the ClientControl.exe Windows app provided by Cypress to update the BT device address.  Although the ClientControl app can attach to the HCI COM port, it can't connect to the board so none of the functions in the ClientControl  app are enabled.


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You can use a USB-UART tool and set the device address through HCI uart as follows:

1. Program the device with all 0xFF address with make target such as: demo.hello_sensor-CYW920706WCDEVAL download BT_DEVICE_ADDRESS=FFFFFFFFFFFF

2. Send Factory_Commit_BD_ADDR  VSC (Vendor Specific Command) to set your own device address as: 01 10 FC 07 AA BB CC DD EE FF 00. Where the device is set to AA BB CC DD EE FF.

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