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Studio Bluetooth

New Contributor

I'm new to bT domain and I'm based in France & would like some assistance to choose the perfect Cypress module for my application.


My use case: BT Audio Earphones (HFP, A2DP, AVRCP & SPP together) , HFP slave initiating BT- reconnection incase of disconnection + Custom data commands 1) under HFP 2) under RFCOMM 
My custom commands are to interface with another Encrypted BT HFP AG device as Walkie - Talkie. 

My previous setup: WT32-IA under IWARP I'm able to achieve these above functions using the "ECHO" Command on IWARP API. now I'm planning to upgrade it to BT 5.0 specs & I'm looking to change to cypress. 

Please suggest which product is best for my purpose & especially can I achieve the Custom data command + HFP reconnection? Also suggest me which cypress chip should I go for ? 

Thanks for your input 

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Hello @gokulnath 

The chip you have mentioned; CYW20721B2 is the BTBLE audio chip which will be suitable for your application. 

You can use the chip either in embedded mode (with an application developed in our Modus Tool Box IDE ) or in HCI mode (in which you can use any host which sends standard HCI commands). 

For embedded mode, we have couple of example projects available and the details can be referred from the Technical Brief available here:

I would also suggest you to contact any of our local sales FAE for quick support.



New Contributor

Hello @AnjanaM_61 
Thank you for your reply! 

At the moment I got my hands on CYBT-353027-02 EVAL Board from my local dealer. This is just for testing purposes only (HFP profile only )

I use Modus Toolbox & see other profiles but unfortunately, I don't see any information / Example code for the HFP profile! Could you please let me know how can I check the above Eval board just on HFP/HSP profile & its example code? 

We would like to use Cypress BT modules for BT Audio purposes for this we checked out some of your product documents of which many things are contradictory

Could you help us find the good BT module for our battery operated Audio accessories under HFP profile ?
Please let us know the possibilities.

Thanks For your reply



I checked in the MTB. By default, audio examples are not enabled in CYBT-353027-02 EVAL. But it is availabel in CYW920706WCDEVAL board. Both uses CYW20706 chip, but the hardware kits are different. So if you want to use HFP example in the module kit, you have get it from the github 20706 and modify the hardware dependent definitions ( example: Button, LED, etc.) for CYBT-353027-02 EVAL.

Audio Applications which support in CYW920706WCDEVAL are given below.


As Anjana suggested the first preference would be for CYW20721 chip. Because it is newer compared to CYW20706 and have more software support as well. But the profiles you mentioned are available in both the chips. 

Please compare the current consumption from the datasheet. I think CYW20721 has low power consumption comparetively. But it depends on how the chip is utilized and the end usages.