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I have questions about operation of HID Device.

I tried to test with two of laptops, it is different to operate on HID connection each laptops.

The SW information and test process are as below.

SW Information

- Chipset & EVK : CYW20706 & F1DC2076 EVB (made in F1media)

- WICED SDK version : WCIED 6.2.1

- Test application : HID Device


Test Process

- Connect from Windows PC to F1DC2706(CYW20706)

- Send the HID data.

- Result

#1) it seems that enter to sniff mode normally

Notebook (LG - 15U560)

- manufacturer : Intel Corporation

- F/W version : HCI 8.4096 / LMP 8.4096

- Driver provider : Intel Corporation

- Driver date : 2017-04-07

- Driver version :


#2) it seems that enter to sniff mode, but its connect/disconnect to SDP and RFCOMM repeatly,

and also enter/exit sniff mode repeatly by connect/disconnect.

Notebook (LG –15ZD980-GX50K)

- Manufacturer : Intel Corporation

- F/W version : HCI 8.256 / LMP 8.256

- Driver provider : Intel Corporation

- Driver date : 2017-05-04

- Driver version :


Snoop Log

- refer to attatched files. its name is written name of laptop.


Why is the different each for laptops? Does it problem of compability?

Or, am i missed anything that need to set?

I want to know why is the different to operate on HID connection.

Please, could you help me anybody who know?


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HI @hyhw_4628441 

The difference in operation can be specific to the laptop BT stack which is used. 

We will go through the logs in detail and update you. 

Meanwhile , can you please test this behavior with latest BTSDK app (in Modus Tool Box IDE) on 20706 ?  WICED 6.2 is too old. 




Hello Anjana, thank you for help.

Please share the update to me, after reviewing log.

I want to update the SDK, but its project is already in mass production. so i`m sorry to can`t update the SDK.

again, thank you for help always.


Hello, @AnjanaM_61 

can i ask you how was it going? does it was updated?

did you found the difference and reasons?