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I can pair it to the exact same headset with the exact same firmware with 3 out or 4 of our boards.

The Bluetooth module works fine otherwise.  I can communicate with it just fine.

I get the error code:


Fail: 5

When I place the headset, literally on top of the bluetooth module, it sometimes pairs.

once connected, I get reasonable distance for audio, so it does not seem to be a hardware issue.

Is there an issue during pairing that we should be aware of?

thank you

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Hi suwe_4183436 ,

Error code 5 seems to be SMP_PAIR_NOT_SUPPORT - means pairing is not enabled.

Can you please recheck if you have enabled pairing or not ? Please check the IO capabilities auth_req in your firmware.

Are you using any demo example available in WICED or custom application you developed?

Which WICED SDK version you are using ? If possible please share the code and steps to reproduce your issue.




If you are using CYBT-343026 , hope you looked into KBA Platform Files for CYBT-343026-EVAL – KBA221025

We are using WICED SDK 6.4.

pairing is enabled.

p_event_data->pairing_io_capabilities_br_edr_request.auth_req = BTM_AUTH_SINGLE_PROFILE_GENERAL_BONDING_NO;

The pairing is inconsistant.  3 of 4 modules pair just fine, but the 4th one just will not pair and continues to give the same fail error code.

The demo example I am using is hci_audio_gateway.

I have used both the client control GUI and our MCU command.


Both result in the same issue.