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I am using CYBT-413034-02 custom board. In wiced studio6.4 in makefile.mk of Hello_sensor

APP_PATCHES_AND_LIBS += FM25Q04_sflash.a  is writtern. But while programming i am getting error as cannot find FM25Q04_sflash.a file?

Where can I find FM25Q04_sflash.a file?

when i comment this line APP_PATCHES_AND_LIBS += FM25Q04_sflash.a  no error detects, but my module doesn't get detected.

I am just uploading the Hello_sensor code. Code uploads successfully. In Android app cysmart I can detect my module? Is the module not advertising?

According to the below link I have change the patches file also.

Platform and New Patch Files For 20719B1 in WICED - KBA228518

Thank You?

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  APP_PATCHES_AND_LIBS += FM25Q04_sflash.a - this is not needed to use CYBT-413034-02.

However please follow the KBA for consistent behavior of BT: Platform and New Patch Files For 20719B1 in WICED - KBA228518

If the device is not getting detected, then please do recovery procedure : Press and hold Recovery -> press and release reset button -> release recovery button

Please check if HCI UART & PUART is coming correctly in device manager.

Also you may include the HCI UART com port number in make target as demo.beacon-CYBT_413034_EVAL download UART=COMxx



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