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In 2010, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) was added to Bluetooth specification to enable connections between devices that only needed to send a few bytes of data to each other over a limited range. It focused on consuming less power compared to Bluetooth classic and other wireless technologies. As the Internet of Things (IoT) transitions from concept to execution, BLE can be found in a variety of applications, including automation, remote controllers, beacons, wireless sensor nodes, and many others. System designers are realizing they need to transfer more data than what was supported by older versions of the BLE specification. In addition, greater range would enable new applications like automation, asset tracking, and wireless sensor nodes. BLE v5.0 tries to address these needs and more to make BLE more IoT friendly. This article talks about features that are introduced in v5.0 and their significance. To read this article, please follow link what BLE v5.0 means to you.

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