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Specialty Memory
I am looking for a datasheet on the CYM9192PN-25C 72 pin SRAM SIMM.  Each module has eight CY7C192-25VC 64K x 4 SRAM chips.  They were manufactured in... Show More
Specialty Memory
I use eprom flash memory CAT24C64 with I2C channel for CY8C4146AZI-S423 chip, PSoC Creator 4.4. I made a short test project, it works well, but if I r... Show More
Specialty Memory
I am looking for documentation on the CY7C024BVF-15AXI, but cannot find any documentation on what "BVF" indicates in the part number. I can find docum... Show More
Specialty Memory
Hello everyone! I'm looking to program the CY7C287. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction? Thank you for any help you can give! Show More
Specialty Memory

CY7C024AV is a FIFO. What is the response time versus temperature performance? Specifically, will the device be slower at lower temperatures?

Specialty Memory
We have been a user of F-RAM part FM25V02A for about 8 years. We recently have had instances where some of the data locations appear to getting cleare... Show More
Specialty Memory

I need documentation regarding CYRS1069G30-12GGMB. I am designing the PCB!

Our needs are very urgent!

Thank you

Specialty Memory
We are using S40410081B1B2W00 in our board.   The voltage is supplied 3.3V. But in software we are unable to detect the EMMC - S40410081B1B2W00 .    ... Show More
Specialty Memory
Hi Tech, Per customer's request, could you help check and share with us PDN ( product discontinued notice ) for EOL part#CY7C4285V-15ASI? What's the a... Show More
Specialty Memory
Hello,Could you provide the Thermal Resistance Theta Jc[℃/W] and Tj[℃] of HOTLink II devices?MPN:  CYP15G0101DXB-BBXII can't find it out in datasheet.https://www.cypress.com/file/113721/download... Show More
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