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    Cypress with focus on providing programmable solutions, offers configurable High-density FIFOs (HDFIFO) with multi-queue feature. With multi-queue feature, the entire memory space of 144Mbit can be divided into two, four or eight equal parts each configured to work as an independent FIFO. This feature can directly replace multiple FIFOs in the system, simplifying the design and reduce cost.   
    HDFIFO configured as two queues can be used as a ping-pong frame buffer to simplify implementation of video de-interlacing, frame rate conversion and Picture-In-Picture (PIP). High-end video equipments like broadcast studio system that has multiple video streams might use multi-queue HDFIFO for temporary buffering and multiplexing.   
    Multi-queue HDFIFO offers speed up to 100MHz and supports LVCMOS 3.3V and 1.8V I/O standards.   
    To know more about the part, contact sales @     spcm_mktg@cypress.com   
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