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The ModusToolbox™ forum includes discussions regarding multi-platform development tools and a comprehensive suite of GitHub-hosted firmware libraries accompanied by thoroughly tested code example applications.

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WICED™ Studio

Discussion forum regarding WICED™ Studio related topics.

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AURIX™ Development Studio

The AURIX™ Development Studio is a free of charge Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the TriCore™-based AURIX™ microcontroller family. It is a comprehensive development environment, including Eclipse IDE, C-Compiler, Multi-core Debugger, Infineon low-level driver (iLLD), with no time and code-size limitations that enables editing, compiling, and debugging of application code. Combined with numerous code example projects, the IDE can be used to evaluate the powerful architecture of the AURIX™ microcontroller family. It supports Microsoft Windows 10 as a host operating system (OS).

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Hi, TL;DR: How to know the Interrupt number that is triggered when Counter triggers a Compare or TC ?   I'm migrating a project from PSoC Creator (Sch... Show More
PSoC™ Creator & Designer
Rolf Nooteboom helped develop a technique for writing and compiling firmware for PSOC5 on Linux and Macintosh (and Windows).  The overall system uses ... Show More
AURIX™ Development Studio
Hi All, it seems that there is not any category for TC356/TC357 project on AURIX™ Development Studio (Version: 1.7.2) so, I want to know when AURIX™ ... Show More
CIRRENT™ Product Analytics
Hello, I hope this is the right forum/place to ask my question. I need some help and hand holding to achieve the following thing: I want to send data... Show More
ModusToolbox™ General
I have a design that needs to support USB audio class and an HID generic class simultaneously, are there any examples on USB descriptor design? especi... Show More
Wi-Fi Bluetooth for Linux
Hi Infineon Team,   We are using CYW43455 chip for WiFi in iMX8MM board working on Android 11 OS. We have completed the bringup for WiFi but it is not... Show More
ModusToolbox™ General
USB_Audio_Device_FreeRTOS sample project of CY8CKIT_062S2_43012 is targeted for AK4954 codec. How to modify the project for WM8960 codec if the mezzan... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
When sending data from PC via USB serial port to CYSPP CYBT-483039-EVAL, it appears to be over-running the CYBT, without CYBT ever asserting PUART_RTS... Show More
Bluetooth SDK
Hello, I am using the EZ-Serial Host API Protocol Library with the CYBT-343026-01. App: 1.2.29 build 29Stack: 5.2.0 build 22Protocol: 1.3HW: CYBT-3430... Show More
Wi-Fi Combo
We have a platform that uses WICED Version 3.7.0-7. AN STM32F469 processor uses the WiFi/BT module LBEE5KL1DX. We're able to bond with and connect and... Show More
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Software including ModusToolbox, PSoC Creator, WICED Studios and Wi-Fi Bluetooth for Linux .