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The ModusToolbox™ forum includes discussions regarding multi-platform development tools and a comprehensive suite of GitHub-hosted firmware libraries accompanied by thoroughly tested code example applications.

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WICED™ Studio

Discussion forum regarding WICED™ Studio related topics.

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AURIX™ Development Studio

The AURIX™ Development Studio is a free of charge Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the TriCore™-based AURIX™ microcontroller family. It is a comprehensive development environment, including Eclipse IDE, C-Compiler, Multi-core Debugger, Infineon low-level driver (iLLD), with no time and code-size limitations that enables editing, compiling, and debugging of application code. Combined with numerous code example projects, the IDE can be used to evaluate the powerful architecture of the AURIX™ microcontroller family. It supports Microsoft Windows 10 as a host operating system (OS).

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AURIX™ Development Studio
I have two question regarding renaming of project  1. I have ADS project, I open the project by going to File -> Open Project from File System , and b... Show More
ModusToolbox™ General
I opened two USB_Audio_Device_FreeRTOS projects for two eval boards: CY8KIT-062S2-43012 and CY8CKIT-062-WIFI-BT. CY8CKIT-062-WIFI-BT board works well.... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
When power is applied to a CYBT-483056-02 module as received from the factory,  I expected to see the LightBlue mobile app  discover "EZ-Serial".  I d... Show More
Bluetooth SDK
BLE Mesh Help
Hi i would like to implement the CYBT-231043-MESH chip into my own sensor system but i am having trouble finding developer's guide to utilising the ch... Show More
Hi, I am using an XMC-Link debugger and it happens very often, that I disconnect the power of my microcontroller board while a debug session is still ... Show More
ModusToolbox™ General
以前的项目一直用V2.2开发,以后的项目准备用V2.4开发。 现在同一台PC里安装了这2个版本的MODUS,但是用V2.2的MODUS打开以前的项目build时发现MODUS用的是 V2.4的GCC编译,请问怎么解决两个版本共存的问题? Previous projects have been dev... Show More
ModusToolbox™ General
After reading through the thread named " Unable to install ModusToolbox", I cannot seem to figure out if the issue was resolved. Can you please commen... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
I am seeking advice on using CYSPP to connect to an iOS app. What I Am Doing EZ-Serial has been installed on CYBT-483039-EVAL board CYBT-483039-EVAL ... Show More
in Windows 11 ,I'm not able to modify an assigned pin (see the picture below) with  Windows 10 it works   Show More
ModusToolbox™ General

  When I debug the program,How can I see the contents of a register。For example, tcpwm register。thanks!

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Software including ModusToolbox, PSoC Creator, WICED Studios and Wi-Fi Bluetooth for Linux .