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The ModusToolbox forum includes discussions regarding multi-platform development tools and a comprehensive suite of GitHub-hosted firmware libraries accompanied by thoroughly tested code example applications.

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WICED Studio

Discussion forum regarding WICED Studio related topics.

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ModusToolbox General
I have imported a project that was written for another kit. I changed the target= in the makefile and changed the  Library Manager to my kit which is ... Show More
Wi-Fi Bluetooth for Linux
Hi all, I have been trying to use NetworkManager together with cypress-fmac-v5.4.18-2021_0527 patches on mainline 5.4.18 kernel. Currently nearly all ... Show More
Wi-Fi Combo
Hello, I am using the hardware module 1LD 43438 with Wiced v6.4. I meet a new issue with the http_client lib (the 1st one on this ticket, currently st... Show More
Hello all,I am using DAVE CAPTURE_GetPeriodInNanoSec to measure the period of a signal. I am calling that function every 2 ms (500 Hz). When the signa... Show More
Wi-Fi Combo
According to the datasheet, the CYW4343W has a WLAN unit and Bluetooth unit, both having an ARM CM3 processor, RAM and ROM on-chip memory.  Also accor... Show More
Wi-Fi Combo
Hello, When could we expect support for the LwIP Chained Buffers? At the moment, Wiced does not properly support LwIP without this. The Chained Buffer... Show More
Wi-Fi Bluetooth for Linux
Hi, I've looked all around this site and seen that to request the mfg firmware I would need to open a MyCases technical support case and request it th... Show More
PSoC™ Creator & Designer
我现在使用的是CY3280—MBR接CY8CKIT—042主机,我希望通过042板子配置CY3280MBR,但我在例程中修改例程中用于配置CY3280板子的.h文件并烧录后就会有蓝灯不断在闪,这是什么原因,该如何解决。(我修改的例程是CY3280-MBR EVK中的Host_Interrput_LE... Show More
Wi-Fi Bluetooth for Linux
Package Version v5.10.9-2021_1020 Release Date 2021-10-20 Description This is Cypress's Linux brcmfmac driver and firmware support package.Brcmfmac is... Show More
PSoC™ Creator & Designer
Hi. Over the past couple days I’ve been suffering from an issue where my PSOC creator crashes within seconds of typing code. Upon further investigatio... Show More
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Software including ModusToolbox, PSoC Creator, WICED Studios and Wi-Fi Bluetooth for Linux .
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