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Hi Expert,

I see in the website that you release a now product load guard, like BTG7050-2EPL. While reading the d/s, I find some confusion about inverse current protection. In page 26, we can see below two sentence. But it seems that they contradict to each other. From my understanding, this new feature is intended to protect the device while  inverse current, so the device will turn on. But I don't see clear description in d/s. So am I understanding right?


Thank you for your help!


Elec Cheng


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The statements are not contradictory but applies to device' status (ON/OFF). If you read further along the datasheet, in fig 22. InverseON - Channel behavior in case of applied inverse current, it clearly shows the channel behaviour.

From the statements that you have doubt upon : 


1. During inverse current condition, the channel remains in ON or OFF state as long as |-IL| < |-IL(INV)|:  Refer to upper two images (CASE 1 and CASE2). It says that if the device is initially in ON or OFF state,it will remain in that state as long as IL<IL(INV).

2. The feature of InverseON allows to switch ON the channel during Inverse Current condition as long as

|-IL| < |IL(INV)| :  Refer to lower side imagesm (CASE3 and CASE 4). It means the INVERSEON features will allow us to switch the device even when the device is inverse current mode as long as IL<IL(INV). 

Please let me know if you have further doubts.

Best Regards,