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Smart Power Switches
Hello Team. In one of the applications I use the BTS4140N,the output is loaded with 0.5A. The supply voltage is 45V. the ambient temperature is 70°C. ... Show More
Smart Power Switches
1:i had found in the datasheet of BTS7200-2PEA, don't find that the inrush current description, So i want to know how i can know the inrush current th... Show More
Smart Power Switches
Dear Infineon, I am designing an ECU for ADAS and there I am looking for a high-side switch with customizable over current threshold to protect my PCB... Show More
Smart Power Switches
Hello,   I require several thousand BTS432E2 - TO220 parts but cannot find any suppliers who have stock due to this being an end-of-life product.   Is... Show More
Smart Power Switches
Hi Team, The series resistor recommended for IN pin and status pin is 4.7K ohm for VDD of 5V. Could you provide a reference for the calculation so tha... Show More
Smart Power Switches
Hello,I want to use more than 4 BTS7002 channels (10 exactly) in a power module distribution circuit for a race car.Is it possible to use the hss-boar... Show More
Smart Power Switches
Hi, We have used Part No. BTS3011TEATMA1 in our TMLI_BMSH project. The project is regarding the BMS for automotive applications.  Our query is to det... Show More
Smart Power Switches
Hello, I want to switch 10A with BTS50085 using the circuit structure you see below. However, when we give the load over 5A and switch it to the mosfe... Show More
Smart Power Switches
Hi, In the datasheet for ITS724G/BTS724G it says "replaces electromechanical relays, fuses and discrete circuits". I'm wondering what it practically m... Show More
Smart Power Switches
Hello, we received a TLE75242-ESH loaner demo-board from our local rep but we are not able to find any documentation.  Can documentation for the demob... Show More
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Smart Power Switches

The Smart Low-Side & High-Side Switches forum is designed for you to post your questions, comments and feedback about all our market’s most comprehensive portfolio of smart power switches like PROFET™, HITFET™, SPOC™, SPIDER and FLEX product families. Ask your technical questions or explore existing content!