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Smart Power Switches
Hi, I am using TLE9104SH as a low-side switch. I want to control it with IN1,2,3,4, not from SPI. According to the datasheet, for enabling the output ... Show More
Smart Power Switches
Hi, As the DHP1050N10N5 was moved to "not recommended for new designs", can you please help me with below 2 questions: 1 - Until when is expected to h... Show More
Smart Power Switches
Hey fellow Engineers,   I have the #EVAL-M5EVAL-M5-IMZ120R-SIC, which is a 3-phase inverter board, and I want to make it work with a 48V DC-link volta... Show More
Smart Power Switches
Hello @G_Anshika  I have a couple of more questions regarding BTS7008 switch. It is defined in the section 9.1 and section 6 of the datasheet of the ... Show More
Smart Power Switches
Hello, In the BTS712N1 Datasheet the reversed polarity  function states that we have to add a 150Ω to the GND pin, however when we tested this functio... Show More
Smart Power Switches
I'm looking for an application note or similar about capacitive load of BTT and BTF high side switches. This parameter is not mentioned anywhere but r... Show More
Smart Power Switches
Dear partners,2 direct/ PWM inputs with mapping function for TLE75008-ESD, could you tell me how to map and achieve 6-channel PWM control outputs?Whic... Show More
Smart Power Switches
Hello, I am using TLE8110 and trying to driver the outputwith Stm32f407 via SPI meaning mode is set to 01 for each output in INx register Here I: 1. E... Show More
Smart Power Switches
Dear Sir, BTS7010-1EPA在正常测试过程中器件突然失效,测量Vin脚的电压只有1V,经排查发现IN脚对地电阻只有120K,正常是600K左右。目前在排查失效原因,确认Vin电压未查过限值,Vs电压也是稳定的,工作电流也未超过限值,能否帮忙建议应该从哪些方面去排查,谢谢! 原理图如下... Show More
Smart Power Switches
Hi Team,     How can I get the TLE9104SH GUI link? Thanks!   Show More
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Smart Power Switches

The Smart Low-Side & High-Side Switches forum is designed for you to post your questions, comments and feedback about all our market’s most comprehensive portfolio of smart power switches like PROFET™, HITFET™, SPOC™, SPIDER and FLEX product families. Ask your technical questions or explore existing content!