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Hello, I want to switch 10A with BTS50085 using the circuit structure you see below. However, when we give the load over 5A and switch it to the mosfet, there is a voltage drop at the mosfet output. We tried this with both inductive and resistive load but got the same result. In this case, overheating occurs because too much power is consumed on the mosfet. We do not encounter any problems when we perform the mosfet switching first and then turn on the load. What are your solutions to this problem? 


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I assume that you are using an electronic load. Can you please let me know the electronic load part number?

Can you please share the Supply voltage,  Out pin voltage, and current during load switch on and MOSFET switch on? It will be good if you can share the waveforms for both cases for comparison. 

Thank you 

Vishnu Nambrath