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Smart Bluetooth
Hi, I'm using the 20706A2 with the audio gateway demo. I would like to only allow us to be "paired" with one device at a time. When we go into pairing... Show More
Smart Bluetooth
I just wanted to write a succinct summary of what is needed to create a bootloader for the BLE SoCs over SPI in the hope that it helps other people wh... Show More
Smart Bluetooth
Hi,I am trying to set characteristic client configuration descriptor from a client device on startup. The client sends the configuration bytes but the... Show More
Smart Bluetooth
Which download or software should i use to get/create an SVD file for the CYW20736 ? I want to generate some code based on a SVD file. Show More
Smart Bluetooth
With the 20719 we notice that only, roughly, 1800 bytes of the 16KB AON is available for our use. The comments in make_cortex-m4_gcc.mk mention that A... Show More
Smart Bluetooth
We have successfully transitioned from the Anaren A20737GR to a Cypress PSoCBLE module.We bought several reels of parts from Anaren as safety stock du... Show More
Smart Bluetooth
Hi,Need to use CYW20736S, only found some general information.  I need its detail commands and setup procedure.Thanks!Martin Show More
Smart Bluetooth
Hi,We are using BCM20737S to communicate with another chip using the UART.We are having this problem where once in a while the received messages are i... Show More
Smart Bluetooth
The procedure for the issuing of LOA for the CYW20732/6/7 has changed.Essentially, we have recertified the 20732/6/7S modules to have a Cypress FCC I... Show More
Smart Bluetooth
Scenario:Design is to detect probe. If no probe absent, enter Sleep/Low Power Mode for 6 seconds and repeatIf probe is present, then Enable BLE Timer ... Show More
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