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Smart Bluetooth
SDK function legattdb_regWriteHandleCb() can be used to register to receive a callback when a characteristic is written to by the client.Is there a si... Show More
Smart Bluetooth
Hello,      I have absolutely no experience with this software and am finding it very difficult to understand how to download EZ-SERIAL™: EZ-BLE MODUL... Show More
Smart Bluetooth
Hi, I'm trying to install WICED Smart SDK on my Mac which is at 10.15.7 Catalina. However, I can't install the current 2.2.2 version. When I try to op... Show More
Smart Bluetooth
My Manufacturing group facing some issues with CYW20732S BLE module programming. I am trying to replicate same programming system in my site but unabl... Show More
Smart Bluetooth
Hi, I have a BCM920732 board and when I plug it in to my pc. It says it cannot find a driver to use this board.  Where can I find the appropriate driv... Show More
Smart Bluetooth
I'm working on a BLE project which has one output data service with three characteristics in it (that correspond to the three data channels I need to ... Show More
Smart Bluetooth
Hello, first off thanks to all team for all the detailed documentation and support. I have setup a CYBT-353027 module as an audio sink, sending I2S si... Show More
Smart Bluetooth

During evaluation of CYBT-343026, how can I observe the RSSI on windows 10? 

I intend to use the development board in classic mode.

Smart Bluetooth
Hi, I have a simple console service that works when paired, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it to function while unpaired. I saw ... Show More
Smart Bluetooth
Hello.  We are trying to get Bluetooth A2DP functionality up and running on a 20721 design.  Starting with the EVK (CYW920721B2EVK-02) the code is up ... Show More
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Smart Bluetooth

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