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Hi All,

I have recently started playing with Wiced Sense and have noticed a change in behavior when the battery is half empty. With a new battery, the same FW does not have any issues pairing with the phone, but with used battery, service discovery fails midway and the bluetooth module goes back to advertising mode (judging by the LED behavior). Is this normal ? Is there anything that I can do to fix it ? The battery is not empty (have been playing with the module for about a week now).

Also, using the older FW, my android phone did not need to pair with the module and could connect to it without any messages, now every new MAC address requires the module to be paired again, is there anyway that I go back to the old method (i.e. not requiring a pair from android phone).

Thanks a lot in advance,

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Which app are you using on your Android phone? Perhaps you can try "WICED Sense" available in Play Store.

I couldn't observe what you have reported on the battery. Which FW version are you now? Let's update it to the

latest version and see whether is this issue still persist.