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10/02/14 - 5:00PM

Problem connecting to the WICED Sense Kit

Some android phones/tables (particularly ones running on 4.3 Jellybean) appear to have issues pairing to the WICED Sense Tag from inside the app.
We've tried to take care of this by adding explicit Bluetooth pairing code into the WICED Sense App (by calling createBond() API calls).
This fix doesn't work every time on every device. If you cannot connect to the WICED Sense Kit, please try pairing to the device from the Settings app first.

a. Turn on the WICED Sense Tag

b. On the phone/tablet, go to  Settings-> Bluetooth Settings screen

c. Scan for devices and find the "WICED Sense Kit"


d. If the WICED Sense Kit is already paired, unpair it first.

e. Explicitly pair with the WICED Sense Kit from the Settings app.


f. Launch the WICED Sense App and connect to the WICED Sense Kit

If that does not work,

a. Unpair the device from the Settings->Bluetooth Settings screen
b. Turn off Bluetooth
c. Turn on Bluetooth
d. Launch the WICED Sense App and connect to the WICED Sense Kit



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