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Few question about scan and call back:

1) If I used the follow blecm_startScan to start scan, will it timeout based on the configuration blecen_cen_cfg.low_scan_duration ?

blecm_startScan (







2) if I use blecen_Scan(LOW_SCAN) to start the scan and use blecen_Scan(NO_SCAN) to stop it before timeout, will the call back function (BLEAPP_APP_TIMER_SCAN) be called?

3) if I use blecm_setScanEnable to stop scanning, will the call back function (BLEAPP_APP_TIMER_SCAN) be called?

blecm_setScanEnable(HCIULP_SCAN_MODE_OFF, blecen_cen_cfg.filter_duplicates);

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I'm sorry I haven't replied back earlier. I didn't have time to look at the source code.

Here are answers to your question:

1. Yes, it would be okay to set it like that (not sure why you would want to do that though).

scan_duration is only used for the scan timer, which enables the scan callback. So changing the scan_duration will effect when the scan callback is called. Also notice that scan_window has units of slots where as in scan_duration is in seconds. Don't mix the numbers.

I'm not sure if the scan is stopped when the callback is called...

2. Whenever you start a scan, the timer will call whatever callback defined at variable blecen_usertimerCb. The default is NULL.

3. Yes, you can change the intervals by setting a new value to blece_cen_cfg, but you must restart the scan by calling blecen_Scan function.

Again, I'm sorry if this reply is really late.

But I thought if I put the info, someone else might be able to benefit from it.

Hope this info helps.

Thank you.


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