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Which download or software should i use to get/create an SVD file for the CYW20736 ? I want to generate some code based on a SVD file.

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       Could you please elaborate a bit more on the use case of SVD file ? We do not use any device specific SVD file for code generation.


Hi Gyan,

There are various tools for code generation from SVD files.

Here is a tool for C: SVDConv.exe  This is the official tool by ARM.

Here is a tool for Rust: GitHub - japaric/svd: A CMSIS-SVD file parser

The use case is that it saves you a lot of time looking at the datasheet and make code from that manual that defines the memory map. It's a very long, tedious and error-prone process to do manually. Also when you use a code generator you have consistency in your code between devices which makes it easier to build abstractions as well. As opposed to figuring out the right way to encode a register map in a programming language.

I saw that cypress provides SVD files for other types of MCU. But i'm specifically looking for an SVD file for the CYW20736.

Best regards,