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Is there any option we can add in to make file to enable code optimization?

For application the available code size is 26K or 30K?

When I compile the code it is giving me total RAM foot print 23580 bytes and I have  added below trace function at the end of application create function ble_trace1("Free bytes = %d.\r\n", cfa_mm_MemFreeBytes()); . On debug trace it is saying that 7336 bytes free memory available. Please confirm.

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> user stack(1024bytes) = Dynamic allocation section and it starts after Application code/data section

Yes, default application thread stack size is 1024 bytes an is allocated after the application code is copied into internal SRAM.

> What information goes in to stack ? Application function call  pointers and local variables.

Yes, and this is a descending stack.

See Re: Porting an app from the 20732S to the 20736S towards the end of the discussion. The app can check if the app thread stack overflowed at some point in the past before the call to the API described in this. But this should be treated as a postmortem step, so if the overflow clobbered other thread stacks/data, then the app may crash long before it gets back to your application's thread context.

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