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Did anyone test the Microsoft Surface with the Broadcom Tag board (20737) ? Please share your experience!

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It looks like the MS Surface (Microsoft Surface Teardown - iFixit) uses the Marvell - Wireless - Avastar 88W8797U combination chip.

According to Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Teardown - iFixit, the MS Surface Pro 3 uses the Marvell 88W8897 WLAN + BT4.0 + NFC Combo Chip (with no NFC support on the device) (Marvell - Wireless - Avastar - 88W8897).

If you buy me one, I will test it for you! 

What do you mean "test"??

Just checking if someone tried to create an application on Surface and interact with the Broadcom tag. I am looking for that kind of feedback, thanks.