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Here’s a list of the Profile/Application Support within SDK 2.0:

• Proximity
• Heart Rate Monitor
• Health Thermometer
• Blood Pressure Monitor
• Time
• Automation IO
• Glucose Meter
• Cycling Speed Cadence
• Running Speed Cadence
• I2C Temperature Sensor
• SPI Master and Slave
• SPI Pressure Sensor
• myBeacon
• OTA Firmware Upgrade
• UART Firmware Upgrade
• Rezence based (A4WP) Power Transmitting Unit (PTU) and Power Receiving Unit (PRU) profiles
• Support for Simultaneous Master/Slave (hello_client and hello_sensor)
• PWM tones (pwm_tones)
• Ability to test data transfer speed/throughput (speed_test)
• Wearables (watch) sample which includes: Apple Notification Center Service, Find Me client, Time client and HID service

Version 2.1 of the SDK will be released any day now, so new profiles may be added within that release as well.

Changelog.txt is where these will be listed.

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