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If your application is considering the use of bleprofile_PrepareHidOff() to enter deep-sleep (HIDOFF) mode, there are some considerations you should be aware of, or the request may fail.

For example, make sure there are no outstanding (un-cleared) GPIO interrupts pending, or in the middle of being processed.

Note:  GPIO:P0 should be pulled high (via 10k), or the key-scan feature of the device may think a key on a keyboard is pressed and it will stay awake to perform further scanning.

You may also want to consider registering for a call-back in the event your request is denied, as follows:

void application_abort_hidoff_cb(void)


// hid-off aborted.

ble_trace0(“hid-off aborted”);   // print a message or toggle a GPIO

// Call the profile level function



void application_create(void)




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