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Hi all,

I am trying to collect sensor data simultaneously from two Wiced-Sense devices. However, it appears that both of these two Wiced-Sense devices (sensors shipped as small red keychain) have same MAC address. Therefore, when I do the "lescan", I get a list of two devices with same MAC address

$ sudo hcitool lescan

20:73:77:65:43:21 WICED Sense Kit

20:73:77:65:43:21 (unknown)

I wish to connect to these two Wiced-Sense devices using the gatttool. But since both of them have same MAC address, I cannot address them separately:

$ gatttool -b 20:73:77:65:43:21 --interactive

This command connects me to one to the WICED-Sense devices. How can I connect to the two devices separately?

Thank you in advance for any help.

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Programmed second WICED-SENSE and I can confirm that pressing reset button (select enhanced COM port and set baud rate to 115200 -- as in the q2.bat script)

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