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Smart Bluetooth

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     I have absolutely no experience with this software and am finding it very difficult to understand how to download EZ-SERIAL™: EZ-BLE MODULE FIRMWARE PLATFORM onto the CYBLE-013025-EVAL EZ-BLE™ Module Arduino Evaluation Board that I have bought. I have downloaded WICED Smart SDK 2.2.3 as well as CYBLE-013025-00 WICED EZ-Serial FW Image V1.1.2 (.hex, .cgs)_0. I have consulted:

WICED EZ-Serial BLE Firmware Platform User Guide - V1.1.2

It is just not clear to me when it says "Replace the “hello_client” with your project’s name". I am just trying to put the EZ-serial firmware onto the BLE module, can someone please walk me through this in the most basic way? How do I get the WICED Smart SDK to appropriately find the firmware and put it on the module? All of the rest of the posts seem to gloss over this, I am a complete beginner in this field. Thank you for your time.

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To program the chip, all you have to do is to follow the below KBA. 


EZ serial firmware can be downloaded (Use chipload tool as mentioned in the KBA) if your requirement is satisfied with the default feature in the firmware wich is documented in . If you need to modify and program a custom firmware then you can use the WICED Smart SDK and modify it and program. WICED is based on Eclipse IDE which is very generic. You can create a project, modify it and to program it create a make target string as given in the "Programming Procedure" in the KBA.


Please let us know if you have any specific doubt in the Programming Procedure.