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Build Hello_client on wiced-2.2 and donwload it to brcm20736 demo board.GN5001 phone install LE HELLO Client.apk to connect demo board, wait 5s, it will auto-disconnect, who knows its reason? thanks.WICED Bluetooth

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Does this happen on other android phones as well? The below is a good introduction to this topic:

Testing a WICED Smart Tag with Android Devices

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Yes.As Meizu note3 also happened this issue. But Honor6 plus worked well.

I built hello_client-BCM920736TAG_Q32 download not hello_sensor-BCM920736TAG_Q32 download  which was in your suggestion topic, and installed LEHELLOClient.apk or other BLE apk which was downloaded from network on the phone to only do to connect test. All of apks would appear auto-disconnect issue.


Are the Android OS versions the same for the Meizu note 3 and Honor6 plus?

Does it still disconnect if you download the hello_sensor app instead? Also, please try with the BLE Scanner app from Bluepixel Technologies on Google Play and let's see if that works.

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Meizu note 3 is Andriod 5.1; Honor6 plus is Android 4.4.2.

Hello_sensor app worked well on all phones. would you please send BLE Scanner to me? I can't found on network. thanks.


You may download the app from Play Store for free.


Here is the link to the BLE Scanner app on Google Play Store, it is a free app.

BLE Scanner - Android Apps on Google Play

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For your reference.

After check with Hello_Client with several APP, "BLE Scanner", "Bluetooth LE Scanner" and MyApp created by myself on Nexus 5 (Android 6.0.1, API 23)

All APP connected with Hello_Client will automatically disconnect, such as the test "Bluetooth LE Scanner" recorded below.

  • 11:22:52 connected, 11:23:27 disconnected
  • 11:27:38 connected, 11:28:12 disconnected
  • 11:31:01 connected, 11:31:35 disconnected
  • 11:32:11 connected, 11:37:05 disconnected
  • 11:37:05 connected, 11:37:41 disconnected

The longest time, around 20 minutes, of hold connected was made by app, "BLE Scanner".

Compare with another sample code, long_characteristic, and one app made by myself.

The longest time of hold connected could over one hour and confirmed with data trasfer before disconnected.

During holded time, the test does not have any data transfer, just keep connection.

As for the app of Hello_Client, it show out "Disc_Reason: 13" on the Debug Viewer.

Confirmed without any action of disconnecting on the remote site.

Catch part of that as below:

   23:29:48 - blecm evt handler:

   23:29:48 - 050400400013

   23:29:48 - Conn Down handle:40 Slave:1 Disc_Reason: 13

   23:29:48   SMP Conn Down

   23:29:48   connDown

   23:29:48   ConnDnStopIdlTmr

Ref: Re: What does 08 returned by emconinfo_getDiscReason() mean?

Does anyone know the means, "blecm evt handler: 050400400013?"  or,where can we find more information?

Best Regard,

Joy Sun


I used the following phones with Hello_client on TAG3, compiled on SDK 2.2.3.

1) Samsung S4, Android 5.0.1, WICED Explorer

2) HTC E8, Android 6.0.1, BLE Scanner

On both setups, I was able to discover and connect to the tag and it will auto-disconnect after about 30s.

The log trace on my SDK indicated a disc_reason:13 which meant that it was the opposite party (phone)

that initiated the disconnection.

The most common disconnection reasons are 0x08 and 0x13. For a full list of it, refer to "Volume 2/Part 😧 Error Code/".