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I saw some people thinking about: "How could I create my mobile App fast and without deep coding skills?".
Some tried go with MIT App Inventor 2 (AI) or Evothings (like me).

I think, we will see a step further, beyond such tools, very soon.

Application Builders

There are already several great solutions to create mobile phone Apps. Beside iOS with nice support to do, there are solutions which look promising:

Prophecy - IoT SMART System Builder

If you think about LabView, SimuLink or this great tool here - Mitov Software - OpenWire Studio - we will see tools where you can use IoT Sensors and Actors as any other device used, as source or sink, remote BLE devices in a mobile App.

Create a solution just via drag and drop, define the flow graph, how to process aggregated sensor data and let's publish it as a final App. Without any coding, seamless with different devices and remote IoT sensors and actors available as Gadgets, Widgets.


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